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The world has changed,
just like the way we travel

Arbiter has always been at your side to organize trips and holidays all over the world, today also through the online purchase of the services offered. In Italy, over 75% of users usually buy online and declare themselves satisfied with the service they offer. Among all the reasons there are: the convenience of offers proposed, the choice of a wide range of solutions and the possibility to design the holiday in total autonomy. If, then, travel agencies represented the privileged channel to book vacations, the spread of the network and its services seemed to pave the way for new and more interesting solutions.

The world is wide, just like our passion.

Travelling, a family affair

Arbiter Viaggi has an experience that goes over 25 years of activity.
First in Milan, thanks to Carla Galli Falsitta, as a Mediolanum agency dedicated to companies and then to business tourism, followed by her daughter Lorena Falsitta who, following the changes that the web sees as the essential work tool, has focused on the management of the Activities in Gallarate but above all online.
Even men of the Falsitta family are experienced travelers, united by the thirst for continuing knowledge…

Finding tailormade solutions for our customers is our mission.

Agenzia viaggi Gallarate
Agenzia viaggi Gallarate deserto
Agenzia viaggi Gallarate deserto
Agenzia viaggi Gallarate Lorena Falsitta
Agenzia viaggi Gallarate

What is the travel you always dreamed about?

The experience you’ve always wanted to live will no longer be an unattainable dream. Thanks to the experience of Arbiter’s team, every request will be satisfied, coming in addition to what you would have imagined to see. Your route conception will be pleasantly torn.

The shortest way to find yourself
is travelling the world.

Hermann Graf Keyserling