viaggi su misura

Arbiter means

• experiences, not only trips
• tailormade trips
• original and exclusive service


After a well time-tested experience in the tourism field, Lorena Falsitta , Giorgio Balloni and Carla Falsitta decide to leave to start a new adventure together.They choose to fund a non conventional travel agency in Gallarate, who is able to reflect their way to be and travel.

Arbiter was born this way, a significant and evocative of their philosophy name who comes from latin and means “expert adviser”: with Arbiter a trip is not a simple trip, but a well organized, planned, and often directly tried, life experience.

With all its quality destinations, with Arbiter is possible to choose a customized trip and already put to the test by those who offer their advice.

Arbiter doesn’t only represent a job to Carla, Lorena and Giorgio but also a true passion: that’s why they always offer a high-quality service. Every detail is organized in first person, every need is satisfied, every question is answered. Listen to our customers and find the perfect solution is Arbiter’s mission.

Laying on Arbiter means choosing an exclusive service, not only for the quality of the suggestion, but also for the reception, the assistance and the solutions.

Not only customized trip

Arbiter is also the perfect wedding planner: we take care of everything, from the location to the little and important thing like flower, music and wedding favors  for your special day,  we also take care of the quality of the rice the guests will throw on the bride and groom!