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Do you wish to stay in a former prison in Boston? Have you ever thought about Sarajevo for a weekend? What about sleeping in a tended field at 4.600 metres of altitude?Do you know what is the largest necropolis in Central Asia?


A trip is a moment of our lives when time stops and lets us decide its rythm.

We are here to make your journey full of emotions, your emotions, and passions, our passions. Because our experience, together with your wishes, can transform your dream into a journey, a business trip, a honeymoon, in an unforgettable event. We only choose destinations that we personally saw, because to plan a trip is required empathy, istinct, and above all experience.

Find your perfect trip.

Each destination is a special place,
because it was chosen for you.

Colors, scents, images, experiences

Pure passion, hard to forget: personally designed and tested by Giorgio Balloni, the “itinerant” travels proposed by Arbiter are holidays that leave an indelible mark in memory. Nothing is improvised:
behind every proposal there is an expert and safe advice that will let you know the most unexplored and incredible places all over the world.

Agenzia viaggi Gallarate
Agenzia viaggi Gallarate Sidney
Agenzia viaggi Gallarate
Agenzia viaggi Gallarate

What is the trip you've always dreamed of doing?

The experience you’ve always wanted to live will no longer be an unattainable dream. Thanks to the experience of Arbiter’s team, every request will be satisfied, coming in addition to what you would have imagined to see. Your route conception will be pleasantly torn.